Racial Politics in American Cities

Racial Politics in American Cities
Author: Raymond H. Clines
Language English
Pages: 416
ISBN10: 0321100352
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.29
ISBN13: 9780321100351
Published: August 24th 2002 by Pearson

This engaging, up-to-date collection of original essays focuses on the continuing struggle for minorities to gain political power in American cities.

The essays included in this book were written specifically for this text by top urban scholars who have done extensive analysis of the development of urban policy in response to minority concerns. Each selection addresses a particular city's racially based electoral coalitions and leadership, as well as examining recent political changes, their impact, and future implications. Each essay also features the editors' successful Political Incorporation Model which provides a framework melding research on ethnic coalition with mobilization strategies and allows students to effectively compare one U.S. city to another."