The Sixth Extinction: America – Part Four: The Long Road.

The Sixth Extinction: America – Part Four: The Long Road.
Author: Glen Johnson
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 3.44
Published: September 18th 2014 by Smashwords Edition

Mankind is no longer at the top of the food chain. The Sixth Extinction is an apocalyptic tale about a pandemic that sweeps the globe, decimating the human race, leaving humanity struggling to survive. Within three weeks, everything has changed. Social structure has collapsed as the government locks itself away with a select portion of its vast army in deep bunkers, leaving the civilians to their own fate and the infected that stalk the streets. After a fatal struggle – that gets Juan infected and leads him to sacrifice himself for the good of the others – the group manage to escape the town. Lindell and Terrance drive their newly acquired jeep with the powerful .50 cal machinegun. While in the truck, Jessica’s life hangs in the balance as they try to decide what to do about the length of pipe that is pierced through her thigh. They just hope that when she wakes up, the shock doesn’t kill her.

“However, it’s not Jessica who dies first, someone else in the container asks for the priest’s bing before taking their own life to the shock of everyone watching. Also, the group doesn’t realize that Capitan Stitt is alive and close on their trail with a small group of surviving men.

Stitt only has one thing on his mind – revenge. He will not rest until they are all dead. Meanwhile, Doctor Bachman is trying to make his way through the bunker in the bulky hazmat suit, trying to reach the surface before his air supply runs out. He realizes he isn’t alone, there are others still alive inside the bunker, and what he learns from them – about what they have witnessed – completely changes the way he sees the pods yet again, and what they represent, and ultimately how that will affect mankind – the pods are gathering an army and are heading for the surface.