Whose Cheese Can I Move?

Whose Cheese Can I Move?
Author: Chen Tong
Pages: 96
ISBN10: 9812445056
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.25
ISBN13: 9789812445056
Published: May 5th 2003 by Pearson Education Asia Pte., Ltd.

Whose Cheese Can I Move? is a short but insightful story about six main characters who reside in two sections of the maze named Cheesetown and Brie Country respectively. Power struggles break out as cheese consumes the hearts and minds of the once-peaceable residents, and betrayals results. This simple story raises several self-reflecting questions that will reinforce one's beliefs about life and business: · In a world where neither cheese nor opportunities come by easily, how can you possess your cheese? · Can anyone really feel happy when one's cheese has been moved? · Can altering one's beliefs really help in adjusting to changes? · Does cheese represent one's needs or desires? This book also reveals what the essence of power and success is, as well as the nature of failure. Successful people are constantly moving others' cheese. Unsuccessful people keep getting their cheese moved. To survive in this era monopolized by changes, power and success, one should ask and reflect whose cheese can they move in order to protect their own slice of cheese.