Wisdom of the Woods

Wisdom of the Woods
Author: Eliseo Mauas Pinto
Language English
Pages: 250
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: October 1st 2014 by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

Ancient Celts kept their sacred places in dark groves where the spirits of nature dwelt, and trees were believed to be the abode of the spirits or divinities that in many cases had power over vegetation.They honored the trees and groves with a conscious homage to the spirits that inhabit them, and their hidden meanings as featured in the Ogham alphabet. Nowadays, we are not so different from our ancients. Though we have further material control of our lives, we can also experience insecurity in our lives, and some of us appeal to divination in order to find a tip, a hint, an omen, or a hopeful answer. This book delves not only on Celtic Divinaton subjects and motifs, but also includes the "Wisdom of the Woods"™ Handbook for the Oracle Deck and Wheel Board, which will be available soon at The Game Crater.com Oracle and Tarot decks are a development from the “cleromancy”, which is a way of divination that employs sortition, casting of lots, or casting bones or stones, in which an outcome is determined by means that normally would be considered random, such as the casting of sticks, runes, or cards, but are sometimes believed to reveal the will of a deity, or other supernatural entities.

Follow now your journey of awakening infused by the ogham kennings and wisdom of the trees... Learn about the divination meanings, create a sacred place of your own, and you will then comprehend the magickal reason why the cards are displayed on this way... listen to their luminous message flowing with harmony directly from the source...Divining is a healing art!.