A Million Dollar Love (A Million Dollar Love Story, #1)

A Million Dollar Love (A Million Dollar Love Story, #1)
Author: London Starr
Language English
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 4.35
Published: June 11th 2015 by Royalty Publishing House

Storm has been through the fire with an abusive ex and almost didn't live to tell about it--although she has no plans to. She keeps her secrets buried in a locked vault inside her head where they speak to her daily, literally. Devon, a millionaire playboy, will have to tunnel through layers and layers of her damaged psyche to find the key to her heart and her head if he wants to be in her life longer than a few minutes, but their love will come at a price.

Will he fight to get the affection of the woman that he so eagerly desires to be with? Or will he decide the the price of loving a damaged woman like Storm is too high a price to pay?