Meet Me at Midnight

Meet Me at Midnight
Author: Jacqueline Navin
Language English
Pages: 330
ISBN10: 0515130540
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.49
ISBN13: 9780515130546
Published: May 1st 2001 by Jove

Stolen glances. Breath confidences. Secret assignations. It's all part of... A Wicked Seduction Raphael Giscard is convinced that there's no such thing as true love—and to prove it, he's planning to seduce pretty Julia Brodie. Word has it that this darling of the ton and her suitor are deeply, madly in love. If Raphael succeeds in tearing the two lovebirds apart, he'll win the wager he's promised to his scandalous friends—and he'll have proven that love is no more than a pretty word for lust. But his dissolute lifestyle and rakish ways have done nothing to prepare Raphael for what happens after he's got Julia under his spell. For this charming lass has a rebellious spirit, a clever mind, and a truly wonderful heart. And now Raphael's about to discover what it's like to really ache for a woman—and possibly lose the only true and wonderful thing he's ever known. Un he can prove to his lovely Julia that he is a changed man.