The Tesla Conspiracy: How Far Will They Go to Keep It a Secret?

The Tesla Conspiracy: How Far Will They Go to Keep It a Secret?
Author: Michael D. Finley
Language English
Pages: 332
ISBN10: 0988435012
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9780988435018
Published: October 11th 2012 by Law Offices of Michael D. Finley

The Tesla Conspiracy is a fictional mystery thriller in which three brilliant individuals each work to unravel scientific and historical mysteries relating to probably the most influential and prolific inventor who ever lived: Nikola Tesla. Initially complete strangers, they eventually meet each other, combine their intellectual abilities, and band together as it becomes increasingly obvious that dark forces are determined to stop them at all costs. In 1931, genius inventor Nikola Tesla modified a Pierce Arrow automobile to run on energy extracted from thin air. He test drove it over a week at speeds up to 90 m.p.h. in daytime and nighttime and demonstrated it for the press, but took the secret of how it worked with him to the grave. Electrical engineering graduate student Kathy Olson thinks she can figure out how Tesla's car worked and duplicate his results in modern times.

Can existing multi-billion dollar industries afford to allow her to succeed or to reveal the truth to the public? History graduate student Julie Lozano is shocked that American history textbooks fail to mention Nikola Tesla's name and still list Marconi as the radio's inventor, despite the fact that the U.S.

Supreme Court ruled that Tesla was the true inventor. Why is the truth concealed? Weapons designer Benjamin Grazer has developed a frequency interrupter weapon based upon Tesla's discovery that all things vibrate and conflicting vibrations can destroy the object. Will this Holy Grail of weapons fall into the wrong hands?