Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons
Author: Mandy Rosko
Language English
Pages: 196
ISBN10: 1605924334
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.70
ISBN13: 9781605924335
Published: November 7th 2011 by Noble Romance

***This edition is no longer available and is now being sold as My Angel Lover, Have Mercy on Me*** In 1665 Scotland, five years after the Black Plague, Jophiel is a former angel who removed his wings in an act of self-punishment for falling in love with a vampire. One day, two old friends, Michael and Zad, give him the chance to return home. Their price? He must capture his former lover and take his head. Tired of barely surviving, Jo readily accepts. Lord Frederik Jasper Grimm is a Belial vampire, born with half a soul and mortal emotions. Forced to destroy a village of innocents to save his beloved sister Amelia from the murderous sorcerer, Laird Malcom MacNiel, Frederik is on his way to his enemy’s keep when the angel Jo appears and captures him. Before Jo can raise his sword and take his head, Frederik begs for mercy and explains why he destroyed the village, counting on Jo’s good nature to spare him, but Frederik has lied to Jo before. Still, Jo cannot bring himself to kill Frederik, but he dares not allow him anywhere near MacNiel’s castle, either. His only choice is to keep Frederik his prisoner until Michael returns to explain why Jo would be sent to execute a supposedly innocent vampire…and all the while, he must keep his knew mortal state a secret.