Our Inner Struggle Untangled: Revelation Deciphered

Our Inner Struggle Untangled: Revelation Deciphered
Author: Wayne Mullins Sr
Pages: 230
ISBN10: 1512751405
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.33
ISBN13: 9781512751406
Published: September 9th 2016 by WestBow Press

The book is concerned with a deciphering process that enhances the texts of Revelation with data regarding the "End Times" of individuals rather than the "End Times" of the world. The deciphered texts do not usurp the original texts, but are dependent on them. The deciphering process is unique as it is a discovery of a process, not an invention of one. The work was like a cryptoquote where one letter stands for another; the difference is that one word stands for another. This book is for Adult Christians who seek a spiritual lift and want to "get back on the wagon" so to speak regarding their faith walk. And for those who would appreciate the spiritual jolt this book provides.