Cuffed Vol. 1: Stop, Or I'll Shoot & Out on a Beam

Cuffed Vol. 1: Stop, Or I'll Shoot & Out on a Beam
Author: Bill Howe
Language English
Pages: 23
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.67
Published: January 11th 2012 by Echelon Press

"Stop or I'll Shoot!” When Officer Lance Yandell answers a call to a shoe store to investigate a robbery, he turns a corner and he finds himself face-to-face with an armed man. He’s never had to fire his weapon in the line of duty. Will tonight be the night? Can Officer Yandell fire in time to save his life, or will this criminal get the drop on him? "Out on a Beam" Officer Kim Brunetti isn’t afraid of much. Snakes, vicious dogs, and armed men don’t frighten her. But there is one thing that scares her. When she follows a fellow officer out onto a construction site, she soon finds herself clinging to a narrow I-beam high above the pavement. Now that she knows she is afraid of heights, how will she get down without losing her life or her dignity?