Her Outback Boss: Wait and See / Outback with the Boss / A Bride for His Convenience

Her Outback Boss: Wait and See / Outback with the Boss / A Bride for His Convenience
Author: Sharon Kendrick
Language English
Pages: 300
ISBN10: 026387527X
Genre: Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
ISBN13: 9780263875270
Published: April 2009 by Mills & Boon

Wait and See by Sharon Kendrick He'd finally found her... Dr. Maisy Jackson was late - very late - on her first day at the infertility clinic, and consultant Matthew Gallagher on an exchange from Australia was than pleased! But that sticky didn't stop either of them appreciating the other's abilities, until they both began appreciating far more than that. Matthew had never met a woman as openly warm and transparently honest as Maisy and he couldn't help responding to her - but there were issues he had to resolve before he could offer Maisy a future with him. Outback with the Boss by Barbara Hannay Grace Robbins and her new boss, Mitch Wentworth, had managed to deny their attraction until they got lost together in the Australian wilderness. Away from civilization, their lives potentially in danger, their true feelings surfaced. Then they were rescued.... Back at the office, Mitch was every inch the boss and Grace was determined to keep a cool head. But they were both fighting the memory of their nights in the outback - and maintaining a professional distance might not last for long.... A Bride for His Convenience by Lindsay Armstrong For convenience - Or for real? Rob Leicester's wealth was matched by his arrogance. Initially Caiti found working for the millionaire Australian resort owner tough. But hostility turned to attraction and virginal Caiti gave Rob everything. She was overjoyed when he proposed that they wed. However, Caiti's joy turned to shame when she discovered that Rob had married her purely for reasons of convenience. Her only option was to leave and build a new life elsewhere. But Rob wasn't about to let her go. As soon as an opportunity arose, he was in Caiti's life again, ready to claim her - but, this time, as his wife for real!