The Dark Phoenix (The String Weavers - Book 3)

The Dark Phoenix (The String Weavers - Book 3)
Author: J.A. Marlow
Language English
Pages: 331
Genre: Uncategorized
ASIN B00I922306
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: February 4th 2014 by Star Catcher Publishing

Strange Phoenix haunt the Strings. When Kelsey and her team respond to a Weaver emergency beacon they find a Universal Group filled with Phoenix. Not unusual, considering the Phoenix repair Strings, too. Then, one turns to attack. Her team scrambles to rescue the Weaver team and stop Professor Hadrian. All while avoiding Phoenix acting in a way never seen before. But, Kelsey did once. In memories her Weaver band shares in her dreams. Titles in "The String Weaver" Series The String Weavers The Phoenix Eggs The Dark Phoenix The Dividers The Tower of Epnos When the Skies Fell Celestial Fire