The Covert Messiah

The Covert Messiah
Author: J.R. Lankford
Language English
Pages: 278
ISBN10: 0971869480
Genre: Uncategorized
Series The Jesus Thief
Goodreads Rating: 4.12
ISBN13: 9780971869486
Published: September 9th 2013 by Great Reads Books

Book 4 in The Jesus Thief thriller series Sitting in meditation, J R Lankford--globe-trotting electrical engineer turned novelist, admitted by MENSA and TOPS--entered an altered state of consciousness and experienced the seemingly impossible. Those moments became the principal inspiration for The Covert Messiah in which the cloned Jesus of her series returns to earth. His mission? To help humanity transition to a higher level of existence based on truths in the Bible, and in all religions, that have been ignored. To help us rediscover a secret we left behind in Tanzania 60,000 years ago. In the novels of her internationally acclaimed thriller series, J R Lankford has turned an exciting cloning plot into a complex and compelling study of cultures, philosophies and religions. Her cast of characters is both diverse and deeply human-Jew, Christian, and Muslim; believers and non-believers; sinners and saints. They live and die, daring and loving and hating from the penthouses of New York, to Italy's northern lakes, to Mexico's impoverished basureros, and now to the African bush. At one of Italy's typical Saturday markets, Maggie Johnson faints when she sees her dead son, now eighteen. Could he have supernaturally returned to life? If so, what startling message has he come to deliver? Does earth's survival really depend on Biblical passages-echoed in all religions-that no logical modern person can believe?