Ariana: A Glimpse of Eternity

Ariana: A Glimpse of Eternity
Author: Rachel Ann Nunes
Language English
Pages: 316
ISBN10: 1555176488
Genre: Lds
Series Ariana
Goodreads Rating: 4.05
ISBN13: 9781555176488
Published: February 1st 2003 by Bonneville

Over the years, Ariana and Jean-Marc Perrault have endured many challenges and experienced great joy while raising their six children in the gospel. Now as their three daughters mature into adults, they must watch the young women struggle with their own heartaches and choices: Josette Beautiful, willful Josette Perrault has a passion for life and a desire to enjoy herself. Yet the glitter and the whirl of her social life does little to satisfy the needs of her heart. She doubts she will ever find someone who will think of her as more than just a beautiful face—until a tragedy helps her understand what it is that keeps her from finding true love. Marie-Thérèse Marie-Thérèse has a sensible head on her shoulders. Unlike her sister, Josette, she has always known exactly what she wants from life—college, a mission, and then a temple marriage and children. But sometimes love comes along when least expected. Now she has to make a choice—will it be the right one? Pauline At last Pauline has found her first and true love, Emeri Fauré. But she was born HIV-positive, and, after sixteen years of miracles, has become seriously ill. How can her family bear to let her go? Worse, how can she make Emeri see past his bitterness long enough to understand that only the gospel holds the key to their future? Join the Perrault family as together they face life's darkest moments and its sweetest joys. Best-selling author Rachel Ann Nunes masterfully brings us A Glimpse of Eternity.