The Games Psychics Play

The Games Psychics Play
Author: Stuart Walsh
Language English
Pages: 291
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: September 18th 2016

Young, attractive Natasha Rodney is married to a wealthy and older cosmetic surgeon. While Alan beautifies his clients, Natasha subjects herself to a punishing schedule of shopping, wining, dining and shopping. Until she meets Carmina Chivers, an author of supernatural-crime romances. Natasha realises this is her true calling and decides to become a writer of similar stories. After consulting two psychics and a "clairaudient", Natasha becomes totally convinced communication with the dead is not only possible but should be a government subsidised service. However, after an unfortunate incident, her husband Alan discovers perhaps it wasn't the ethereal spirit world who communicated with his wife, but a presence much closer to home. Amongst other memorable characters, you will also meet a selection of fraudulent psychics, mediums, call them what you want. These include a tarot card reader who can make money from her clients without actually giving them a reading. A method to produce highly authentic horoscopes (however, they will still be completely hope at predicting the day's events), that any reader who wishes to start a career in astrology may wish to copy - as long as that reader lacks any form of moral stamina. Also, if anyone has ever visited a medium or psychic for the first time and that person appears to know things about you that could only be obtained from the spirit world, perhaps there's another method they're using...