Checking Out and Other Tales

Checking Out and Other Tales
Author: Mary D'Arcy
Language English
Pages: 230
ISBN10: 1908825065
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.43
ISBN13: 9781908825063
Published: December 21st 2012 by The Fine Line

Feisty, irreverent, and poignant, these tales reveal the comedy, pathos, and startling strangeness of everyday life. From the seventy-nine-year-old woman planning to go out with a snort on her next birthday and a gunman reliving the violence of his past as he lays in a hospital bed, to a turkey living on his wits, a woman unexpectedly freed from a love marriage, the birth of a tyrant, and a parent-teacher meeting with the mother of a genius. The characters are melancholy, sexy, funny, bound and unbound as they tell their ever-surprising stories. In these moving, enthralling, witty, and provocative tales, nothing is ever as it seems.