The Winding Arm: The Sam McGee Series Book Three

The Winding Arm: The Sam McGee Series Book Three
Author: Laura Smith
Language English
Genre: Contemporary
Series The Sam McGee Series
Goodreads Rating: 4.83
Published: August 4th 2012 by Blushing Books

The Chilkoot Trail is behind the group of Yukon Gold Rush re-enactors. Only with Andria's satchel of foraged foods and goods she and Tyson had bought back in Skagway were they able to cross the border into Canada. Things had turned in her favor, or so she'd like to think. In order to keep peace with the group, Van was taking Olivia over his knee.

Andria tried to accept it, but she doesn't trust Olivia and she didn't like it. She kept telling herself, just a few more days, and then they reach Dawson City. What more damage could she do? What more could possibly go wrong? Just a few more days and a whole new life awaits Andria with Tyson and Van, just around the Winding Arm.

Book Length: 10 chapters / 54,000 words