The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Resistance

The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Resistance
Author: Vin Suprynowicz
Pages: 703
ISBN10: 0976251604
Genre: Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.17
ISBN13: 9780976251606
Published: April 15th 2005 by Mountain Media

The Resistance Has Begun ... The portals are everywhere, now. Scanning for weapons, for drugs. ... No getting out of line. The people had forgotten how to fight back. There was no one to show them how. Or was there ... ? What if the indignities Americans now endure in the nation’s airports — ID checks, invasive body searches -- expanded onto our city streets? What if pedestrian and motorist alike could be searched at roadblocks without pretext, pulled from their cars ... machine-gunned if they stepped out of line? The year is 2031, and the Ashcroft-Poindexter police state is at full bray. Will Americans continue to endure such indignities like sheep? Or will they begin to gather in basement and abandoned subway tunnel, seeking a leader who can show them how to use the ancient tools of bow and sword to win back their freedoms ... striking from the silence of the night? Against this backdrop, "The Black Arrow" is a sweaty love story, as an elegant and voluptuous newspaper columnist and a fiery young warrior lass vie for the affections of wealthy record company executive Andrew Fletcher, who turns out to be the masked freedom fighter better known by night as ... The Black Arrow. When she first saw him he was silhouetted against the moon, a black stallion rearing up to claim all he surveyed. Her heart slowed in her chest, then. There was a strange keening in her ears that she knew was not of this time or place, but of the other world. It was a vision she was having, a waking dream that would haunt her, drive her in ways unexplained.

In the dark of the city’s night, wherever the weak or oppressed cry out in pain or fear, a quiet footfall can be heard on the roof, the owlshadow passeth before the moon. The twang of the bow, the quiet gasp of feathered death ... The Black Arrow lives. From Vin Suprynowicz, a tale of sex and violence; freedom and fertility; rebellion and revenge. With lots of rock ’n roll.