Indigo's Dragon

Indigo's Dragon
Author: Sofi Croft
Language English
Pages: 208
ISBN10: 1786154307
Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 3.73
ISBN13: 9781786154309
Published: June 23rd 2016 by Accent Press Ltd

Some families keep monstrous secrets ... When Indigo’s grandfather vanishes in the Polish mountains Indigo is plunged into an adventure in which he encounters astonishing creatures in need of help, and discovers the amazing truth about dragons – and himself. ‘Filled with beautiful, vivid characters and language that will transport you to a world you cannot even begin to imagine.’ Delightful Book Reviews ‘Invites you to walk the tight rope of magical adventures which will captivate the wild imagination and the spirit of being young.’ Mr. Ripley’s Enchanted Books ‘A stunning tale with an ingenious twist.’ Heather Reviews ‘I was surprised at how emotionally invested in the characters I became, as towards the end I laughed and caught my breath at some of the best of moments.’ Creativity and Crazy ‘My favourite part of the story has to be the mind-bending twist near the end.’ The Bookbag