Fully Equipped: Futas Gone Wild

Fully Equipped: Futas Gone Wild
Author: Lana J. Swift
Language English
Pages: 196
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.25
Published: June 21st 2016

Young. Rebellious.

Horny. Now twice the fun! While on a state-mandated survival trip deep in Mount Rainier National Park, six underachieving college girls wake up one morning to the shock of inexplicable and bizarre physical changes. What the teens don’t know: they were abducted by aliens, and subjected to a botched genetic experiment. What they do know: they didn’t fall asleep with both girl AND boy parts in their panties! Isolated from the outside world, the confused girls must come to terms with their remarkable new Futa bodies, while resisting the overwhelming urge to put them to the test... or, more likely, give in and throw a backwoods insemination orgy so wild, even the bears will be blushing! From the author: Okay... now this one might finally be too much! It’s crazy, twisted, insane sex I can’t believe I’m daring to publish.

If you’re timid, or a little prudish, stay miles away from the final scene! But, I must admit I had a hell of a good time writing this book with only one hand free... so consider reading it the same way!