Damaged (The Stripped Series Book 3)

Damaged (The Stripped Series Book 3)
Author: Stacy-Deanne
Pages: 383
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 4.83
Published: January 16th 2018

Winston is shocked when Connie informs him that Prisha, an ex-member of The Circle has been murdered. Believing Jonathan is involved and to have an excuse to see Dee, Winston signs on to help Connie with the case. During the investigation it becomes impossible for Winston to keep his mind off Dee. He tries everything he can to get her back but when Dee insists she belongs with The Circle and Jonathan, Winston second-guesses the power of true love. As time goes on, Dee settles into her role in The Circle but after Jonathan does something horrendous, Rena can’t bear the guilt and tells Dee the truth. Dee is devastated to learn what Jonathan has done and vows to make him pay. Meanwhile, Connie and Grayson’s friendship grows into a hot and heavy romance yet demons of the past threaten the blossoming couple’s happiness.