The Attic Mouse

The Attic Mouse
Author: Sue White
Language English
Pages: 25
Genre: Poetry
Goodreads Rating: 3.14
Published: June 8th 2015 by Matador

Here’s what happened: I heard a mouse in the attic – commonplace I know, but I believed this mouse actually said something. Stress perhaps? I thought I should book a holiday. When I realised that I understood what the mouse was saying, I forgot the holiday. I thought I should book a psychiatrist. I wrote down what the mouse said.

It was profound and I wanted to share it. I forgot the psychiatrist and thought I should write a book. Here it is. Meet Mouse. The Attic Mouse is a modern-day fable; a quirky short story, written in verse. Mouse finds his way into the attic on a cold winter’s day, much to the irritation of the householder. However, a rocky start turns into a beautiful relationship as Mouse reveals himself as the harbinger of wisdom and compassion. His key on? – to lighten your life you must unlock your heart. Mouse has a tendency to talk in riddles, so the truth behind his words is waiting to be discovered. The Attic Mouse: A simple tale twixt what’s false and what’s true. How deep will you delve? Well: It’s all down to you……