How [Not] to Kiss a Were Bear

How [Not] to Kiss a Were Bear
Author: Elizabeth A. Reeves
Language English
Pages: 486
Genre: Fantasy
Series Cindy Eller
Goodreads Rating: 4.22
Published: March 19th 2014

A cross-over novel combining the worlds of magical baker, Cindy Eller, and her sister the unconquerable Goldie Locke. Since the death of Queen Elizabeth, Faerie has been closed to our world. Now, many believe it is time to destroy the barrier separating the two worlds-- for Faerie and the mortal world to live together once again. The mortal Council of Magic will never allow this, despite the ever-growing mortality rate of a plague caused by the increasing deficit of Magic on our side of the barrier. Meanwhile, Cindy Eller is learning what it takes to be a Seraphine of Faerie, while her sister, Goldie Locke, struggles to keep what's left of her family alive and together.