Engineering Problems for Undergraduate Students

Engineering Problems for Undergraduate Students
Author: X.W. Ng
Language English
Pages: 522
ISBN10: 1980667519
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
ISBN13: 9781980667513
Published: March 28th 2018 by Independently published

Engineering Problems for Undergraduate Students contains two hundred example problems covering key topics in engineering courses.

Step-by-step solutions are presented with clear and detailed explanations. This book will support a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts in engineering for tertiary-level students. The problems in this book are quality examples which were carefully selected to demonstrate the application of abstract concepts in solving practical engineering problems, with comprehensive guidance provided in the explanations that follow each step of the solutions. Topics included in this book are fundamental in the engineering discipline. Hence, they are versatile in their overarching application across various engineering sub-specializations. These topics include thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, separation processes (e.g. flash distillation), reactor design and kinetics, engineering mathematics (e.g. Laplace transform, differentiation and integration, Fourier series). There is also a section included which summarizes key mathematical formula and other useful data commonly referred to when solving engineering problems. This book will support step-by-step learning for students taking first or second year undergraduate courses in engineering.