The Crosshairs of Love

The Crosshairs of Love
Author: C.M. Allen
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Safe and Secured
Goodreads Rating: 3.33
Published: October 23rd 2015 by C.M. Allen

(Light BDSM, Spanking): Brooke Townsend, is just out of a bad marriage with a controlling man, the last thing she needs in her life right now is an overbearing Dominate man. But when Dalton Cross, walks into her life one day her attraction for him is undeniable and she begins to wonder if she can really resist her true feelings for him. Dalton Cross, an ex Navy Seal who owns his own security company is a man who always gets what he wants, and he wants Brooke. He will stop at nothing to make her his.

But there is a danger lurking in the shadows, someone is stalking her. With Brooke's life on the line, can Dalton protect her from this threat? Or will he be too late? there is no cliffhangers. THIS EDITION HAS BEEN REFORMATTED