Wield: Chronicle of the Vatcha

Wield: Chronicle of the Vatcha
Author: John Wick
Language English
Pages: 95
Genre: Games
Goodreads Rating: 3.20
Published: June 2014 by John Wick Presents

A Fantasy Roleplaying Game where you play an ancient, powerful weapon and the heroes you wield are disposable hit points. WIELD: Chronicles of the Vatcha is a new "Little Game" from the creators of Wicked Fantasy, Gillian Fraser and John Wick. It includes rules for creating "vatcha" (willful weapons) and telling their stories. They are ancient and immortal. Their plots and plans may take centuries to accomplish. And the vatcha carry them out...

one wielder at a time. For those they choose to wield them are powerful beyond the dreams of men... and nothing more than the vatcha's pawns. WIELD is about power. How much do you have, how much do you give up and who has power over you? It is about negotiation and compromise, surrendering and gaining power over another.