Sierra Phillips: A Lesson in Swimming in Blue Liquor

Sierra Phillips: A Lesson in Swimming in Blue Liquor
Author: Elizabeth Pegues
Language English
Pages: 236
Genre: Uncategorized
ASIN B00S736F24
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: January 12th 2015

When Sierra Phillips realizes that she’s lived the first twenty nine years of her life in the shadows of fear and insecurity, she decides to embark on an adventure of change after she rings in the age of thirty. Sierra lived most of her life under her mother’s protection and covered herself in the cloak of the church until she realizes that both were stifling her growth. And even worse, she’s still a virgin with zero experience with men. After Sierra loses her job, she realizes it’s time to move on. With encouragement from her best friend, Shilo Hastings, she packs up and moves from a small Ohio town to Los Angeles where she sets her sights to live the life of the wealthy. It's a coming of age women's fiction that speaks vividly to the hearts of the naive. It’s about a young woman of color feeling her way through life and trying to break down the barriers that she created from her fears of abandonment by her father, abuse, and her mother’s failures. The novel also takes the reader through Sierra’s transformation into womanhood but still leaves remnants of humanity that show that old habits are sometimes hard to break. Blue Liqueur is a novel that puts the reader in the thoughts of Sierra in ways that would make you nod your head in agreement as you’re able to relate to her flaws.