Taken In Hand

Taken In Hand
Author: Emma K. Gardner
Language English
Pages: 62
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 2.50
Published: April 1st 2012 by Emma K. Gardner

Gigi has never had a spanking, although she's always fantasized about a man taking her over his knee. When she finds a website for Real Fantasies, a company that promises to make her dreams come true, she books a session with Anthony, even though the thought of being spanked for real makes her almost as nervous as it does excited. Anthony does more than finally give Gigi the spanking she desires. He introduces her to the spanking world by bringing her to a spanking party and invites her into a relationship where he has the right to spank her whenever and wherever he chooses. This novella is 20,800 words. It is intended for adult audiences. It contains sex and erotic spankings with hand, hairbrush, and paddle. From TAKEN IN HAND: He couldn’t make himself wait any longer. He strode over to Gigi, grabbed her by the wrist, and led her to the dresser.

Her eyes widened as she saw what he’d laid out. “Choose one.” She let out a hiss of breath. “Choose one, or I’ll use all three,” he threatened. Gigi pointed to the paddle. She didn’t seem to want to touch it. Anthony picked it up and took her over to the bed.

He sat down and gave her wrist a sharp tug, guiding her over his lap. Her bottom was already bare, and he took a moment to admire the creamy white skin. “Do you have anything to say about your shopping spree?” he demanded. He kept his voice cold, not letting her hear any indication that he deeply appreciated what she’d purchased. “Yes. It was too much. I spent much too much,” she admitted. “Damn right you did.” He gave her a hard spank. He always loved the first one of a session. Keeping his fingers slightly apart to increase the sting, Anthony administered a series of evenly spaced, methodical spanks to the center of her behind until he felt Gigi begin to squirm over his lap. Then he switched to a flurry of hard, fast spanks, covering her bottom and the tops of her thighs. That got her squirming harder. He decided to give her a little bit of a break. He wrapped an arm around her waist to hold her tightly in place, then ran two fingers across her bottom, loving the feel of her hot skin. “You should see yourself,” he scolded. “Over my knee like a spoiled little girl. Aren’t you ashamed?” He raised one hand high and brought it down hard. “Having to get spanked because you aren’t able to control your impulses?” He spanked her twice more. “Answer me!” he barked. “I just-- I did spend too much. But it’s my money.” There was defiance in her tone. Nice. He enjoyed some sass.“And that’s how you want to spend your money?” He started up the even, steady spanks again, watching the deep pink of her skin turn to dark rose. “Hell, you probably haven’t even actually earned it. You probably used a credit card. Am I right?” “ Yes!” she gasped out. “Completely irresponsible!” He chose one spot to concentrate on and spanked it unrelentingly until she began to cry softly, shoulders shaking. “You’re right.

I shouldn’t have done it. I don’t know why I even did.” Her voice was ragged, her breathing harsh.

“Maybe you should think about why,” he shot back. He returned to punishing that area he’d turned crimson, but after he’d given it ten hard spanks, he moved chose a new spank spot that he hadn’t touched in a while. A spanking should hurt, but the point—at least of a play spanking—was pleasure.