The Outlaw League and the Battle That Forged Modern Baseball

The Outlaw League and the Battle That Forged Modern Baseball
Author: Daniel R. Levitt
Pages: 314
ISBN10: 1589799542
Genre: Sports
Goodreads Rating: 3.86
ISBN13: 9781589799547
Published: April 7th 2014 by Taylor Trade Publishing

In late 1913, the newly formed Federal League declared itself a major league in competition with the established National and American Leagues. Backed by some of America s wealthiest merchants and industrialists, the new organization posed a real challenge to baseball s prevailing structure. For the next two years the well-established leagues fought back furiously in the press, in the courts, and on the field. The story of this fascinating and complex historical battle centers on the machinations of both the owners and the players, as the Federals struggled for profits and status, and players organized baseball s first real union. Award-winning author Daniel R. Levitt gives the most authoritative account yet published of the short-lived Federal League, the last professional baseball league to challenge the National and American League monopoly. This paperback edition was first printed in hardcover as The Battle That Forged Modern Baseball. An eBook edition is also available under the original title."