Dogless In Metchosin

Dogless In Metchosin
Author: Tom Henry
Language English
ISBN10: 1550171305
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.64
ISBN13: 9781550171303
Published: June 1st 1995 by Harbour Publishing

Honest, offbeat, and very funny, Tom Henry's stories about living in the country have been broadcast weekly on CBC Radio in British Columbia and have become favourites among listeners in the city, the country, and everywhere in between.

This volume collects the best of Henry's anecdotes from Metchosin, a rural area on southern Vancouver Island where he lives with his family. Henry writes about country phenomena you won't find in the Farmer's Almanac: mud rooms, chimney fires, Hundred Chicken Soup, the country art of cussing , and Auction Fever, which cause a sensible, cut-your-firewood-in-the-spring man to stagger out of a barn with fifteen metal desks because "it was such a good deal." In fact, country life would be just about perfect for Henry and his family, if they only had a wet stinky dog sleeping on the couch. But the landlord won't allow it, because of an incident involving a German Shepherd and some sheep down the road...but that's another story.