How Do I Get Out Of Here?

How Do I Get Out Of Here?
Author: Ahmad Aleem Williams
Language English
Pages: 86
Genre: Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.11
Published: May 29th 2010 by Mortified books

The sequel to the “How” series is finally here. Just when things didn’t seemed like they couldn’t get any worse or bizarre, they actually did. Without wise counsel Preston thinks he has it all figured out. He begs his way back in Lustray’s life and tells Delight that it’s over, but his actions do not exactly match his words. That’s when Lustray lays it on him by threatening to tell all to the world. Is Delight pregnant again? Will Lustray find out? We’ll see where Preston’s pride leads him and how God continuously exerts His overwhelming power upon the situation. This novel is set to read a story of passion, pride, and persistence.

They all have it, but all will soon find out that these attributes only work when used the right way.