Pigs Might Fly

Pigs Might Fly
Author: Emily Rodda
Pages: 106
ISBN10: 0207187266
Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 3.72
ISBN13: 9780207187261
Published: July 3rd 1996 by HarperCollins - AU

Pigs can't fly. Can they? Ǡwish something would happen! said Rachel.

үmething interesting!' Afterwards, she would remember what she'd said and how she'd felt, that rainy Saturday morning, and she would think: Taat was really the beginning.and her stomach would give a little jolt, and the tips of her fingers would tingle. But at the time she didn't know what was in store. All she knew was that she was bored. Bored with having a cold and having to stay in bed.

Bored with the rain drumming on the roof.

If only something unlikely or unexpected would happen for a change. Something exciting - something wonderful. ybe it will! her father said. .d pigs might fly!' Ages 10+