Changing Positions - Fuzzy Firsts: An Erotic Transformation Story

Changing Positions - Fuzzy Firsts: An Erotic Transformation Story
Author: Farleven
Language English
Pages: 23
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 2.33
Published: April 6th 2015

Changing Positions - Fuzzy Firsts An Erotic Transformation Story Getting ahead sometimes mean getting down... I really liked Mr. Geren, he was one of the only managers at my new internship that treated me like a woman and not just another toy to be played with. Even for a man twice my age, he was attractive and virile, but most of all he had a style that demanded respect. As I watched the other women getting ahead in the office by sleeping around, it was hard not to think about Mr. Geren, but I had another problem, I'd never done anything like that with a man before. When he finally made his offer, I was surprised, but I couldn't deny the heat inside me. It wasn't just a normal deal, I'd have to work privately with him, in his home, where he'd use some strange device to transform me, to make me into the perfect woman for him. I'd always loved the idea of being changed from the petite woman I was into a more sumptuous form, and I just couldn't say no.

When I finally made it to his penthouse suite overlooking Manhattan, he started the changes. I quickly became a very busty and very frisky little cat-girl, and I wanted to share the wonder of how he helped me become a woman and all the wonderful pleasures I found in his arms.