The Way the Cards Fall: Dominance and Submission

The Way the Cards Fall: Dominance and Submission
Author: Jessica Brand
Language English
Pages: 155
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
Published: April 13th 2015 by Blushing Books Publications

Have you ever made a bet and wish you could take it back? Jason has.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own personal slave? Nicole has. Does she play fair? Does she really win? Does he really lose? Immerse yourself in the wild, erotic and exciting world Nicole and Jason navigate as they explore activities they didn’t even know existed a few short weeks before. Be part of their adventure as they learn about sadism and masochism, humiliation and pride, pleasure and pain. Join them as Nicole becomes more comfortable controlling Jason. Watch as he slowly accepts his place, as he gradually learns about the pleasures of submitting to the woman of his dreams, learning to enjoy the little thrills that come from serving and pleasing her. Receiving guidance from an expert, Nicole learns not only how to dominate her boyfriend but also the intense sensations of submitting to her new found female mentor. This is not a story for the faint hearted. It explores issues that are taboo for some but secretly craved by many. It is a story of love, lust and fetish as it twists and turns in the most unexpected of directions.