Lick Me

Lick Me
Author: DeLeon DeMicoli
Language English
Pages: 196
ISBN10: 0595414834
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
ISBN13: 9780595414833
Published: February 22nd 2007 by iUniverse

"For most of my adult life I live an alternative lifestyle, keeping a secret that not everyone knows about.

Then I meet a girl like Norah Parrish and she shows me a secret that's even darker, more meaningful. "But no matter what kinda alternative lifestyle I live, what culture I follow, eventually, it'll become mainstream. Catch on as the next fashion trend. Show up on television worn by MTV personalities. "Goth used to be cool. Now it has its own store in the mall.

Punk rock used to mean something. Now it's a hairdo, a piercing in a weird spot. Hip-Hop once changed my life. Now it's a brand name for clothes, cell phones, and tennis shoes. "Nobody can just enjoy art anymore. It has to be exploited. Made to become bigger than life and eventually hated for the rest of the decade until we see another renaissance." Seth Barton throws illegal rave parties in abandoned buildings. Norah Parrish is a college student with dreams of starting her own cosmetic company. Claiming the Alter Ego Defense, both could justify their hidden secrets. On their own, they manage to stay below the radar. Together, they make national headlines. The question is will the public hang the super heroine Hot Pink, who gathers names of rapists through a self-made "helpline" for victims of rape, and then hunts them down, enforcing her own version of justice? Or will they vindicate the team of Norah and Seth, embracing them to the point of mainstream media? But the public is the least of their worries... Through the use of dark satire, "Lick Me" is a wickedly funny tale from an original voice that shows no mercy when writing upon the immoral standards of network television that interprets news worthyheadlines by ratings, while an easily influenced culture finds their "truths" in celebrity tabloids.