I Love Japan

I Love Japan
Author: Craig Briggs
Language English
Pages: 188
ISBN10: 0595339697
Genre: Cultural
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
ISBN13: 9780595339693
Published: December 31st 2004 by iUniverse

Japan is an intriguing country and culture that both delights and confounds the visitor. In "I Love Japan," Craig Briggs gives you uncommonly insightful yet amusing insights into living, working and playing in Japan.

In this collection of short and witty essays, Briggs brings you Japanese culture real and unfiltered--through the eyes of a keenly observant, sensitive, and often times smart-assed foreigner. About traditional Japanese cuisine: "Part of the enjoyment of eating soba is the 'slurping'--taking air in rapidly over the soba and enhancing the dining experience. Choking on soba, however, does not enhance the dining experience. And "losing your lunch" in such a traditional setting will also make you "lose face."" Experience the tradition of sumo wrestling and cherry blossom viewing. Understand the danger of climbing Mt. Fuji or of just taking a commuter train at rush hour. Learn and laugh about quirky Japanese refinements to common, often unsightly acts like public drunkenness and trash recycling. And, visit some of the countries surrounding Japan and be thankful you live in Japan instead. Part travel guide and part survival kit, "I Love Japan" is the only book with the courage to tell you just what really is happening in Japan.