When We Meet Again

When We Meet Again
Author: Cher Etan
Language English
Pages: 194
Genre: Contemporary
Series Meaghan and Dean trilogy
Goodreads Rating: 3.34
Published: April 6th 2015

A complete story, no cliff hangers here! When Meaghan and Dean first met, the couldn't have been any more different. She was a scholarship student working at a local garage. He's was an entitled rich kid who lived off the bank of mom and pops... Despite that, there was an obvious attraction between the two. But with Dean having a girlfriend and his parents being unlikely to approve of a poor black girl from the wrong side of town, things never really took off the way Meaghan would've liked.

Fast forward a number of years and their paths cross again, but in than ideal circumstances. A car crash has left Dean in need of medical attention, and Meaghan just happens to work in the clinic he stumbles into. With a few years of growing up done by each, will this be the right time for the two to give things a go? Or will all the same issues which stopped them getting together initially still be in play? Find out in this tale of forbidden love and two very different worlds colliding. A must read. Warning: Suitable for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot they'll leave your windows steamed up!