Deadly Chances: Five romantic suspenses where couples outrace danger and take a chance on love

Deadly Chances: Five romantic suspenses where couples outrace danger and take a chance on love
Author: Dana Mentink
Pages: 418
Goodreads Rating: 4.33
Published: December 22nd 2017 by Forget Me Not Romances, a division of Winged Publications

DANGEROUS VICTORY Car mechanic Valerie watched her father die in a fiery wreck and she can’t admit to herself that she’s in love with a Nascar race car driver Jackson, especially after he’s also injured in a crash. But when a stranger shows up, terrorizing her about a mysterious delivery from her uncle, Jackson is the only one who can navigate the danger with Valerie. It’s a race for survival, and a high speed adventure in love. LOCAL BETRAYAL A MURDERER IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK Kennedy Bradford returns home to come to grips with the violent death of her parents and witnesses a murder. Dylan Lockhart, best-selling mystery writer, is roped into being Kennedy's bodyguard until the killer is found.

Neither one had time for romance. Both secretly yearn for love. Danger thrusts them into a fight of survival that may be the end of a future together. CALL ME JANE Since she’s walking on water, why is she still wearing shoes? That was her first question when the fugue cleared.

But she has more pressing questions, such as —who is she, where does she live, and how did she end up on Peachtree Street on a cold November night wearing nothing but a nightgown? With Officer Kyle Rossi’s help, Jane, as she prefers to be called, begins the journey to discover her identity. But the more she learns about the real Aubrey Sutherland, the more she realizes she can’t trust anyone, especially those closest to her, but Jane also learns that a concussion might be the best thing that ever happened to her. Contains mild Christian references. SUNSHINE IN SPRING Camden Daye used to love Christmas. Six years ago, tragedy struck his family. Every year since then, he hangs on to the past and his role in the devastation that shook up the world of his loved ones.

Can he be free of the self-imposed chains, or will they hold him in bondage? Sunshine Rogers is being stalked. By whom, she has no idea and can’t understand why anyone would do it.

Fear begins to take over her life as she constantly looking over her shoulder. Will these two be able to help each other or will history repeat itself for Camden? Find out in Sunshine in Spring. THE FACE OF INSANITY Kelsey Reed, white collar crime’s favorite forensic accountant, finds the fraud behind the false front of numbers. When she takes a job in the Pacific Northwest, she’s stalked at the Portland airport; her hotel room is ransacked; and her life is threatened by a gunman. During the snowstorm of the century, Kelsey disappears. Between Jack Hopper – the attorney that hired her and falls in love with her, and Tee Boone – PI extraordinaire, she is found. Does the insanity in the O’Doul family empire reside only in the mother, or does it run through the whole family? If only Kelsey can remember….