Lord Muck and Lady Alice

Lord Muck and Lady Alice
Author: Isabella Hargreaves
Language English
Pages: 104
Goodreads Rating: 4.22
Published: May 11th 2018 by History in Focus

'My Fair Lady' meets 'Australia' Self-made man, James Forrester wants to overcome the treacherous act that put his family off their farm in England, by building a successful pastoral empire in Australia. He believes he’s every bit as good as the man who committed the injustice, but the local gentry call him ‘Lord Muck’ because of his lowly origins.

Lady Alice Arnley wants to escape her overbearing family and her role as nurse and companion to her numerous relatives. To do this she sails to Australia, determined to make her own way in the world, without benefit of her title and her family connections. She’s engaged as governess to her cousin’s children living on a Darling Down’s pastoral station, but before she arrives her cousin dies. When her new employer turns to drink and tries to seduce her, Alice flees in the middle of the night. Rescued by James Forrester and his daughter, Eleanor, Alice quickly accepts the position of governess to Eleanor, with the additional task of making her a young lady. The growing attraction between James and Alice is destroyed when Alice’s secret is revealed. Can she win back James’s love and trust again?