When Love Finds You

When Love Finds You
Author: Crystal Britton
Language English
Genre: Historical
Goodreads Rating: 0.00

Sara Kidwell is a freshman in high school. She has no interest in playing sports but does like to watch the boys play. Sara and her mother have a inseperatable bond but with a new family member on the way Sara fears that the bond will break. Sara is very close with her grandmother but tradery strikes. Sara gets invited to a popular girls party but the guy that Sara likes is there and does something that makes Sara turn up her nose. The party doesn't end on a good note. Sara ends up getting with the guy by his sweet talk. In the end he breaks her heat. Although her heart is broke Sara moves on fast but instead of liking one guy she likes two. Her friend likes one of the guys though so Sara ends up making a hard choice easy. The guy that Sara gets with has a big secert and doesn't know if it will break Sara and him apart or bring them closer together.