A Student's Key to Ancient Greek Thought

A Student's Key to Ancient Greek Thought
Author: G.A. Rauche
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: December 12th 2013 by Watch the Fabulous Publications

A Student's key to Ancient Greek Philosophy is an influential book on Ancient Greek Philosophy. Have you ever wondered: Why are things as they are? Why do things happen as they do? How curious the world is?! In a powerful account of the works of amazing ancient authors, this book reveals the beginnings of knowledge and wisdom in Ancient Greece. Greek Philosophy played a key role in Ancient Greek History and Culture. How does this help us today? There is a direct link between our quality of life and the quality of our thinking. Our definition of Critical Thinking is strongly linked to Ancient Greek Philosophy and the ideals of "living an examined life". Imagine getting a solid basic understanding of Ancient Greek Philosophy, empowering yourself to confidently join conversations on philosophers from Thales to Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle! The book is not a quick-fix. It challenges the reader to think. To grasp this book, suspend all pressing concerns, and travel back to a precious time in human history as experienced by a migrant people. It will make you realize that “the shortest route to oneself is around the world” (Hugo von Hoffmansdal). ˃˃˃ ˃˃˃ The greatest benefits of purchasing this powerful book are: This book will open up new worlds to you and will inspire you, challenge you and jump-start your self-awareness. It challenges you to visualize ideas far beyond your normal horizons. It empowers you to develop the courage to think for yourself. It presents you with a key to start your own life-long journey through the works of the Ancient Greek Philosophers It reminds you of the core questions that make us human: questions about freedom and ingenuity, knowledge and limits, self-sufficiency and politics, self-discovery and being a world citizen, reason and faith, etc. ˃˃˃ ˃˃˃ Extracts from Reviews: "This well-laid out book covers the whole history of ancient Greek thought in a structured manner - not an easy task indeed, but the author has done a great job." "I would recommend this book to anyone interested in Greek philosophy and the ways it shaped the modern understanding of the world around us." "It puts you into a contemplative state of mind, and for me it was a pleasurable summer reading under the stars".... ˃˃˃ ˃˃˃ Guide to early Greek Philosophy Gerhard Rauche wrote A Student’s Key to Ancient Greek Thought to guide new college and university students in their studies of early Greek philosophy. The ancient Greeks are portrayed as the main inspiration of Western philosophy, science and culture. The book’s purpose is to provide newcomers with a key to unlock the mysteries that usually shroud references to ancient mythology, philosophy, science and literature. It was effectively used over three decades to introduce this fascinating topic to thousands of young university students, at various institutions of tertiary education.

G.A. Rauche is the author of 16 books and monographs, 22 "book chapters" and more than 70 journal articles. ˃˃˃ ˃˃˃ Our Consciousness and the Cosmos The ancient Greeks developed a twofold set of philosophical concerns: (a) with the Cosmos and the changing yet orderly structure, and (b) with our consciousness of being uniquely human, yet part and parcel of these cosmic forces.

The author shows how the ancients developed these themes systematically, critically and as an answer to actual historical challenges. He skillfully shows both the unity of Greek thinking, and the tremendous diversity and dynamics of their critical debates and varying answers.