Against the Unweaving

Against the Unweaving
Author: D.P. Prior
Language English
Pages: 722
Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 3.55
Published: March 20th 2014 by Homunculus Books

Plague strikes the city of Sarum, and the dead rise from their graves. The liche, Dr. Cadman, has discovered a long-hidden artifact and perverted its power for his own selfish ends. But an ancient evil from beyond the stars is drawn by its use and turns hungry eyes upon the Earth. These are the times of Unweaving, the times Deacon Shader has been prepared for since the day he was born. A man of prayer, deeply troubled by a contradictory faith, he is also the deadliest warrior of his generation. As events spiral out of control, and Creation itself hangs by a thread, the paradox at the heart of Shader’s life may just be the last desperate hope of all the worlds. Contains: Book 1: Sword of the Archon Book 2: Best Laid Plans Book 3: The Unweaving