Baby Sister

Baby Sister
Author: Rebecca Cunningham
Pages: 0
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.64
Published: December 17th 2010 by Rebecca Cunningham

Tiffani Chandler has worshipped Luke Hack for four years now; ever since the day she’d been introduced to him at the impressionable age of fourteen. Unfortunately, at that time the twenty-two year old man had seen her as nothing more than the cute baby sister to his brother’s future wife.

But now she was all grown up. And though she was newly engaged to marry another man, she’d never truly gotten over her infatuation for Luke. After finally disentangling what was left of his heart from the emotional clutches of a devious and unfaithful fiancée, the last thing Luke wants is to feel any emotion for any woman. Emotional detachment was so much easier, he’d decided; and there was no way he was going to change that decision for anyone anytime soon. So what if the first sight of his beautiful, all-grown-up sister-in-law had literally taken his breath away? She was off-limits, and that was that. Well .

. . yes, he’d agreed to help get her out of her recent engagement, but that was only as a favor to his brother’s wife. According to her, Tiffani’s fiancée was ‘a manipulative, arrogant, selfish, smooth-talking jerk’.

What kind of a friend would he be if he let someone like Tiffani marry a man like that? A woman like her deserved so much better. But it wasn’t because he was hoping to take a shot at her. Not a chance. No matter how much he wanted to accept the open invitation he could see shining in her eyes every time she turned them his way, everyone knew he had no plans for a serious relationship for a long, long time. Maybe forever. And his brother would kill him if he even thought about touching her in any respectable way (which, actually, by all accounts meant he should be long dead and buried by now). No, Tiffani was definitely off-limits, and that was that.