Ride Angel Ride (Red Skulls MC, #1)

Ride Angel Ride (Red Skulls MC, #1)
Author: Emily Stone
Language English
Pages: 45
Genre: Contemporary
Goodreads Rating: 3.04
Published: March 19th 2014 by E-Book Publishing World

Even though she can ride with the best of them and wield a socket wrench with ease, Mary Taylor will never be treated as anything but the baby girl of the Red Skull MC’s founder Atticus Taylor... And then she met Speedy. Sick of the overly protective leather-clad bikers around her, Mary just wants a little freedom and the chance to prove herself. The arrival of Roger ‘Speedy’ Martinez, a sexy young rider from the Dallas chapter of the motorcycle club, might just give her the opportunity to do that. Unlike the others, Roger doesn't treat Marty like a delicate flower and she finds herself falling for his wise-cracking, cheeky attitude. Their shared loved of leather, oil, and rubber burning on tarmac just cements their instant attraction. But one small misunderstanding is all it takes to awaken the protective instincts of the club's members and Mary has to act fast to save Roger's life. She wanted a chance to prove herself, just not like this