Snow White: The Demon Huntress

Snow White: The Demon Huntress
Author: Kerrianne Coombes
Language English
Pages: 148
Genre: Fantasy
Series Demon Tales
Goodreads Rating: 4.66
Published: December 28th 2012 by Secret Cravings Publishing

Hired demon hunter and paid debt collector, Snow White lives with her heart encased in ice and her mind set on survival—until she accepts the one job that threatens to turn her world upside down. Blackmailed by hell gate demons, Snow has no choice but to accept the task of murdering a king. Dragged into a world of violence and death at a young age, Snow has no idea how to deal with king Sam, and his charm. When Sam’s evil mother died fifteen years before, she left a him with the knowledge that one day, she would return un Sam breaks the spell. Living with the knowledge that he has to die on his wedding night in order to break his mothers spell, Sam has never allowed himself to dream of love…Until a little assassin breaks into his castle and steals his heart. But deals have been made and magic has been cast.

Fate has no power over what is in the past…