Achet-Aten, or 1:1.618

Achet-Aten, or 1:1.618
Author: Steven William Lawrie
Language English
Pages: 124
ISBN10: 1480024643
Genre: Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
ISBN13: 9781480024649
Published: 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

'This a.m., long before dawn, upped sticks and left Karnak and Thebes, travelling northwards to join the Orient-Gesellschaft [...].' An encounter, at least on paper, between an Egyptologist of 1913, an 18th-dynasty pharaoh with a curious craving for divine status and a mason whose company specialises in hieroglyphic inscriptions. All three are striving for perfection of one sort or another, but only one recognises perfection when it arrives. This publication consists of the original English version as well as the German translation and the Polish translation. With coloured illustrations.