Author: Sandra Altschuler
Pages: 240
ISBN10: 1491810742
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 0.00
ISBN13: 9781491810743
Published: September 5th 2013 by Authorhouse

Can a woman's essence be captured in a word, a role, an act? Or is she a complex amalgamation of traits that reveal themselves serendipitously according to the circumstances in her life? Meet Roisin Casey, a middle-aged wife, mother, professional woman living a customary life in an upper-socio-economic lifestyle. But who else is she? It is only through a chance car accident involving a Hispanic family that she discovers the truth about who she is and how that truth will alter the course of her life and those she loves. When the two cultures accidentally collide, each family struggles to make sense of life legislated by rules, those observed and those broken. The reader has space to define the issues, hear the point of view of five individual voices making their own choices and accepting the consequences of each.