God Is A Real Estate Agent: It's Not About Selling, It's About Faith!

God Is A Real Estate Agent: It's Not About Selling, It's About Faith!
Author: Douglas Lattimore
Language English
Pages: 214
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: November 24th 2015

This book is not about selling, it’s about faith! The real estate industry is one of the largest trade organizations in the nation, with over a million members apart of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). With the educational prerequisites required of real estate agents being relatively low (compared to other trade organizations), top real estate professionals in the field seek supplemental education elsewhere to become more successful. They will spend thousands of dollars on their personal development to insure that their businesses stay successful. But the question here is this, “With everybody else writing books about selling real estate that cater to the “natural man” (teaching principles of productivity, how to sell, and how to get results), who among them is encouraging the spiritual men and women of this industry”? This whole industry revolves around faith in something or another. Absolutely no one can make it big in this industry without faith, but absolutely everyone in this industry is nervous about revealing the magnitude of the role that God plays in their success (which is totally understandable in the world we live in today). This book was written to completely break that ice. However, the real estate industry isn’t in need of another ‘guru’ talking about the spiritual powers of the ‘Universe’! We are in need of a ‘voice crying out in the wilderness’ proclaiming the abundant power of God (The Creator of the Universe). Now, more than ever, the real estate industry needs a book that teaches mindset and success principles based solely from the Bible. Get this book today! You’ll have a new worship experience in reading a book that depicts Jesus Christ as the first ever real estate agent. By reading this book, God’s love and grace will reflect in you, through you, and toward each and every one of your prospects, clients, and referrals! And when God’s favor is following you like that, you will definitely be able to sell real estate in total peace! In this book you will find out: *How to dominate your market *The importance of strategy, and the basics of constructing a business plan *Sound advice for people considering real estate as a profession, new agents, or struggling agents *How the love of God gives us the competitive advantage over any competition *How to use your gifts to make room in your market *Different mindset and success principles based on the Word of God *Devotions and affirmations to start each day with *Techniques to use your faith to overcome your fears *Why women and introverts do so well in the real estate business (Spoiler: They know how to listen) *How to accomplish more progress with resources *And Much More… This book has many subject topics that will keep you both interested and engaged.

This book is indeed the first of its kind. Purchase it today, and you will experience (and explore) a new level of thinking as a real estate agent, and in God! Remember, it’s not about selling, it’s about faith!