Author: Sophia Frazier
Pages: 70
ISBN10: 1482625547
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9781482625547
Published: March 1st 2013 by Createspace

She awoke that morning to utter silence, stretched luxuriously and rolled over to glance at the clock. Amy blinked and sat bolt upright. The electricity had gone out during the night and the digital clock was blank. She was going to be late, she just knew it! She jumped out of her bed and rushed to take a shower. Stumbling into the shower stall, she turned on the tap and...Nothing. There was no water. Muttering to herself, Amy clambered out and headed for her supply of bottled water. She managed to wash, dress and brush her teeth and hair. It would have to do! Grabbing her keys and purse off the table, she ran for the door.

Down the stairs and to the car she went. She turned the key to...

NOTHING. What was going on? She got out of her car and paused. Amy ticked off all that had gone wrong that morning. First, no alarm because of no electricity, then no running water and finally her car was dead. What gives? It was then that she realized how silent it was. Where were the normal traffic noises? Where were the people? Where?