Eviscerating the Snake: The Complete Trilogy

Eviscerating the Snake: The Complete Trilogy
Author: Ashley Fontainne
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Eviscerating the Snake
Goodreads Rating: 4.75
Published: December 12th 2012 by RMSW Press

The Complete Trilogy What if the unspeakable happened to you? Would you fantasize about seeking personal vengeance? How far would you go...and how much would you sacrifice to hold those responsible that believe they are accountable to none? Welcome to the prestigious accounting firm of Winscott & Associates. Welcome to Audra Tanner's personal hell. She had heard the rumors about her employer.

The whispered secrets. Savagely initiated into the brutal underbelly of the firm, Audra learns too late that the rumors are true. Now after five years of careful plotting, Audra is ready to push the wheels of justice in motion. Her goal of retribution has turned into an obsession and she will stop at nothing until everyone responsible pays. No one escaped her wrath. Audra thought she had ended the evil lurking within and that her revenge would set her free.

Unfortunately, it's only the beginning.

Because evil never dies, it only assumes a new form.

She never realized how far and deep the ripple she created in her revenge pool would extend. Now as the dust settles on the explosion that rocked not only her life, but the lives of count others, Audra must fight to gain control over her life. Because others are out to end it.